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What are Managed Cloud Services?

We offer a full suite of cloud solutions, but one of the most unique aspects of our services is our managed option. This means that our team of cloud experts will manage everything from the infrastructure to end-user devices and everything in between. Some of our managed cloud options include updates, troubleshooting, patches, application licensing management, Active Directory integration and configuration, and much more. It’s our biggest differentiator and it’s what makes RapidScale’s cloud services the best option for businesses looking to go to the cloud.

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Managed vs Unmanaged Cloud_Page_1Managed versus Unmanaged Cloud

Businesses have an expanded set of options for operating in the cloud with RapidScale. They can choose to manage their cloud infrastructure themselves or opt for a managed cloud and have a provider like us shoulder the burden of day-to-day management. These options allow clients to decide just how involved they want the provider to be.

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