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How is cloud impacting the business world?

Cloud computing solutions are impacting every corner of the business world, and that spans across industries. Cloud services make high-end technology and computing resources available to all industries, despite their unique challenges and goals. Our managed cloud solution set addresses concerns regarding cost, business efficiency, customer service, scalability, accessibility, security and more. We offer managed cloud solutions to organizations in any vertical.


Cloud computing is a great technology equalizer for business. It gives SMBs access to the same technology that enterprises use for affordable costs. The pay-as-you-go model is key here, as it allows SMBs to use as much or as little of the cloud service they need at any given time. They simply pay accordingly.


Enterprise organizations often have to manage multiple business units and employees in various locations. Cloud computing helps keep this all organized by introducing collaboration resources that will keep everyone connected. The cloud also offers enterprises the ability to grow easily, as it’s an extremely scalable solution that adjusts to changes within a business.


Healthcare providers often lag behind in adopting new technology, but with the ever-increasing amount of patient data that must be stored, cloud is becoming the go-to solution. Cloud computing for healthcare provides an efficient and reliable computing solution that meets requirements of the industry, like HIPAA. Doctors can remain connected to each other and their patients, and they’ll find that administrative tasks become easier. The focus will remain on the patients – after all, that’s how it should be.


Hospitality businesses rely heavily on their reputation with customers – and today, customers are expecting things to be quicker and easier. Cloud solutions allow the hospitality industry to implement high-tech solutions that can improve the customer experience and customer service, without overspending. The scalability and agility that cloud computing provides will immediately benefit customers and make a hospitality organization more competitive.


Education organizations are known for their tight budgets and minimal flexibility. Cloud computing for education can provide schools with access to the latest technology, giving students and teachers access to the resources they need, when they need them.


An obvious concern for the financial industry is security, as these businesses hold a lot of private customer data. Despite common misconceptions, cloud security is actually very high quality, winning against security measures that most organizations currently have in-house. Our cloud solutions are powered by Tier 3 Class 1 data centers that feature layers of physical and network security. With that in place, the financial world can focus on customers and innovating the industry.


Manufacturers face the challenge of handling multiple diverse locations and supply chains, and the communication that goes on between them. Cloud computing creates a centralized virtual network that keeps communication and business applications organized, boosting efficiency overall. It also speeds up time to market for new products and services, which is a huge competitive advantage.


The legal sector is another that relies heavily on its data and stores a lot of it for long periods of time. The data has to remain both accessible and secure – both areas in which the cloud can help! While data is accessible to authorized users with the appropriate credentials, it remains protected from outside eyes. Backup, reliability and scalability are key for legal firms, and cloud computing can deliver these features.


It’s common knowledge that nonprofits tend to run on a limited budget. Traditionally, this has meant that nonprofits were unable to spend on the latest technology. It simply wasn’t feasible! But cloud computing makes it feasible today by providing low-cost cloud solutions that will move these organizations to modern platforms. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds with cloud solutions. Nonprofits can stay well within their budgets while keeping up with advanced technology.

Real Estate

Real estate is all about communication and staying in the know. Cloud computing makes it easy for agents to access information in the field, maintain contact with clients, and streamline marketing efforts. Real estate professionals can stay one step ahead and close more deals with a cloud solution in place.


Cloud solutions for insurance keep the business connected with its employees, creating opportunities for real-time collaboration and communication. Insurance companies can set up customer portals that will satisfy customer needs for instant access to their accounts and offer critical data to the company. This is efficiency at its finest.


The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, or the “Cloud First Policy” that was implemented in 2011 shows that this sector is already thinking about the cloud. A notable organization that has already made the move is the CIA. Government agencies depend on high levels of security and constant data access, and as the cloud has matured, it’s been able to provide these resources. In a sector as critical as the government, it’s important for agencies to step into the modern world of technology while maintaining top-notch security – and that’s where the cloud can help.


Cloud computing provides mobile solutions that can help close deals. This industry relies on constant availability of data, as employees are constantly working with customers. It’s extremely impressive to pull up inventories and other data right there, with the customer. This doesn’t just make life easier. It improves customer service in the automotive industry.


Retail businesses need to maintain access to real-time information, and rely heavily on data to improve and grow. Cloud solutions ensure that employees can constantly access inventory information for customers, provide an efficient shopping experience, and gather real-time data about customers and their experience to help improve the business in the future. Cloud also offers the scalability that these businesses need, as they experience demand shifts based on seasons or holidays.


The cloud is becoming the go-to space to develop new software because it’s the perfect environment for innovation, testing and collaboration. And once the software has been built, it can easily be pushed out to users because it’s available via the Internet, with automatic upgrades and compatibility with any Internet-capable device.

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