Our Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution

Meet CloudRecovery

Our disaster recovery and business continuity services focus on securing your data and ensuring minimal downtime. We ensure that in the event of a disaster your business applications and data will be safe and accessible. Our CloudRecovery platform runs on top of our state-of-the art and secure infrastructure located in data centers throughout the world. We
securely replicate your information to our data centers.

Disaster Recovery

CloudRecovery ensures that a business is up and running in minutes after encountering a disaster, rather than hours or days. The service guarantees minimal downtime and provides users with access to their data and programs, no matter what happens. With replication, backup, availability, security and more in place, CloudRecovery keeps a business operating even if its primary location is inaccessible.

Peace of Mind

Businesses that prepare ahead of time with CloudRecovery won’t spend time thinking, “What if?” Instead, they can focus time and attention on strategic business decisions, growth and innovation. Business today is extremely reliant on technology and it’s better to know that your data and applications will remain safe at all times. RapidScale offers a 100% uptime guarantee, and has a support team available around the clock.


The RapidScale infrastructure resides in Tier 3, Class 1 data centers that are equipped with high levels of security. These facilities include biometric systems, internal and external security, key card protocols, secure cages, guards, surveillance and more. Network security also includes encryption in flight and at rest and firewalls, so business data remains absolutely secure.


CloudRecovery helps businesses achieve the lowest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), which can be designed around each application. Through replication, data can be restored quickly and easily in an emergency situation.


The CloudRecovery Control Panel allows businesses to maintain access to their data and programs through the Internet, even away from their primary office location. This means that an organization can be up and running again with its critical data in no time.

Stay Afloat

The Bureau of Labor cites that 20 percent of business experience a failure (fire, flood, power outage, natural disaster, etc.) in any given year, and 80 percent of those businesses will go under in just over a year. That’s why CloudRecovery is necessary.

CloudRecovery white paperCloudRecovery White Paper

Disaster recovery (DR) is the ability to handle site failures with minimal disruptions to a business. This is an essential capability for every organization, regardless of its size, sector or location. However, typically high costs and complexities associated with traditional DR keep businesses from implementing plans. Almost 60% of businesses don’t have one in place today. Availability and reliability are two of the most important aspects of any successful business venture, and any disruptions or outages can seriously wreak damage on an organization’s operations and reputation. In fact, many businesses don’t even recover following a disaster. Disaster recovery is necessary. Disaster recovery in the cloud protects an organization’s most critical assets.

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"Overall, RapidScale provided us with an ideal hybrid Cloud solution for our organization and allowed us to have mobility and reliability that we were critically lacking before. We deal with a lot of power outages so it’s remarkable that we have the convenience of full redundancy between RapidScale’s data centers, which eliminated the concern of a server failing during one of our power outages and potentially losing our data."


"Austin is AMAZING! Goes the extra mile...literally! We were having meltdown on Saturday because we had no Internet service or credit card machine service. Austin was patient and made every effort to resolve the issue over the phone. When we couldn't (on our end), he drove out to the location. He fixed the problem in a snap! Like I said AMAZING!"


"RapidScale brought to our attention the fact that our company’s servers were not prepared for a disaster, and they helped us find an easy solution. We can now rest assured knowing our sensitive data is safe and secure no matter what situations we face."


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CloudRecovery Managed Options

Physical-to-Virtual Failover

RTO < 4 Hours

  • Compression, Encryption
  • Low RTO
  • Automated Failover
  • Active-Active Data Center


RTO > 24 Hours

  • High Availability
  • Multiple Recovery Points
  • Assured DR Readiness
  • Real-Time Replication